How To Build An Attractive & SEO Friendly Website?

Keeping in mind of a webmaster or website owner, here is discussed several topics regarding website development. Following tips assist you well to build better, user-friendly and successful websites. You must get in touch with a web development company who will guide perfectly about your requirements. Innovative Digital Marketing is a renowned website development company in delhi and working on high end strategy to develop a successful web portal.
  • Each Web Projects Starts with A Plan
Take a plain paper and a pen, note down your ideas what you think about to do and which sections you want in your website. Think about categories for products or services. If you can, you must sketch a diagram, which will easily understandable by a web developer who can easily form out it as a live website.
  • Let’s Choose Domain Name & A Reliable Web Hosting
A domain name including keyword is of course good choice for Google SEO. If you select keyword sensitive domain, you should pick one where the most relevant keyword is included. It is important that you choose a .com domain because they gaining more trust. If you want to target local audience, then it is useful to choose country specific domain. After finishing development process, you should look for VPS hosting or shared hosting.
  • Choose A Website Templates with Stylish Layout 
If your budget is limited, a ready to use website template can be good choice. Most templates are CMS based. Remember that you should choose template what you have planned before starting a website. Functionalities are different and be care about your choice.
  • Build A Website using Content Management System (CMS)
CMS is right choice depends on several influences, helps you to update or expand website content frequently. WordPress themes and plugins are most popular platform, which you can use to build your website very fast within small budget. Innovative Digital Marketing is a famed web development company in delhi and working on different CMS platforms to design a portal.
  • Writing Unique Content for Your Website
Content is A King! Before writing content, it is needed to do keyword analysis for the text you want to write. Use 3-5 keywords in each page. It is required to use main keyword in the headings, page title as well as in the body text. Spend few extra times to build eye-catching headers.
  • Developing The Website
It’s time to convert your chosen website template into a website. Use different header tags (h1, h2 and h3), page title, alt attribute and meta description etc. If you want to use CMS it can be limited. You need to install required extensions like SEO plugin.
  • Test Your Site & Remove All Troubles
Your website is ready and it is time to do a few tests. Let’s test all functions and make sure your website in different web browsers. Ask more people to test the website. Resolve all issues before publishing your website.
  • Promote Your Website Now
After completion of website, you need to tell your potential customers about your business, products and services. You can promote your website for free or do some paid advertising. You can use paid or free Press Release Submission service submit your press release. Write blog also about your business. Be member of Social Network like Twitter, Facebook etc to regular update your content.
  • Do Keyword Research Which Need to Find Your Website
Traffic from major Search Engines i.e. Google is preeminent for conversions on your website. To find your website on SERPs, you need to familiarize with which keywords are used by your customers. Adwords Keyword Planner tool is best to find most popular keywords. Choose the keywords with a higher volume and check for each of them the competition in Google Search.
  • Web Analytics, Yes of course!
You website is live now and you find the first visitors, it is significant to study how your visitors behave on your website. With Google Analytics tools, it is possible to understand. It shows you number of visitors, page visits, bounce rate and much more. Let install GA tracking code in your website and track your visitors.

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